The Best of Both Worlds

The Morro Cloud Storage Gateway with X-Cache enables fast, efficient and secure storage of files in the cloud for small businesses or distributed offices.

Finally a cloud storage that works like local file storage without using your PC disk space

Powered by xCache, Morro G enables cloud storage access at gigabyte speed 100x faster than typical broadband internet. And all your cloud files are available on-demand via smart sync. No more running out of disk space on your Mac or PC due to cloud file downloads. Morro Data unleash the full potential of cloud storage for you

Enterprise Reliability

We store your files on Amazon S3 cloud storage

Supercharged Performance
with X-Cache

No more slow upload or downloads of files from your cloud storage provider.

Global File Access

Access files from multiple office locations with
simple network file interface using our global file system.

Cost Effective, No Per User Fees

Up to 5x cheaper for teams of 10 compared to other cloud storage solutions.

xCache - The technology behind Morro

Increase File Access Performance by


Using the 1TB cache the Morro Cloud Storage Gateway allows you to access files stored in the cloud at Gigabit speed. You can new files instantly in the cache and the Morro Cloud Storage Gateway will sync with the in the background.

Free PC disk space with


Instant access to files with cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, require using hard drive space with the Morro Cloud Storage Gateway get the same instant access without losing any of the hard drive space on your computers.

Connect Offices Together to

Share Files Seamlessly

Sharing files between distributed offices becomes seamless with the Morro Cloud Storage Gateway. Both offices can access files a they were located in the same location but also maintain separate sharing access.

Manage your devices with
Morro Cloud Manager

Deploy devices remotely in minutes
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Manage devices, users, and storage globally
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Reduce storage costs with Morro Analytics
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1TB Cloud Storage
Free for 6 Months

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